Quite a Quote

“It’s all dumb luck,” the Doctor’s Wife says, explaining her new theory to my mother. I’ve already heard the theory.
     “What’s dumb luck?” asks my mom.
     “Life. It’s all dumb luck.”
     “Don’t you think that genetics has something to do with it?”
     “Genetics is dumb luck.”
     “What about education?”
     “Dumb luck.”
     “That’s not what you thought when you were younger.”
     “Of course I did,” the Doctor’s Wife snorts.
     “It was not dumb luck whether or not I got good grades. I was expected to study. Is it dumb luck if you study and then get good grades?”
     “Well,” the Doctor’s Wife says. “It’s dumb luck that you had the sort of parents who made you study.”
     They work quietly for a while, cutting up the pieces of apple, getting ready for the others to come.
     “Aren’t we lucky?” the Doctor’s Wife asks.

Jaramillo, Luis. The Doctor’s Wife. Westland: Dzanc Books, 2012.

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