Quite a Quote

Enter Ghost.

But soft, behold, lo where it comes again!
I’ll cross it, though it blast me.—Stay, illusion.

It spreads his arms.

If thou hast any sound or use of voice,
Speak to me.
If there be any good thing to be done
That may to thee do ease and grace to me,
Speak to me.
If thou art privy to thy country’s fate,
Which happily foreknowing may avoid,
O, speak!
Or if though hast uphoarded in the womb of earth,
For which, they say, you spirits oft walk in death,

The cock crows.

Speak of it. Stay and speak. Stop it, Marcellus.

Shakespeare, William. “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.” In William Shakespeare: Four Great Tragedies, 1–144. New York: Signet Classics, 1998.


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