Loved writing: mid-1990s to 2011
Thought I was a writer: 2011 into 2014
Gave up trying to be a writer: 2014 through 2017
Learning to love writing again: 2018 to …

Co-founder and co-editor of Passenger Magazine (now defunct).

Futility Closet remains a reliable favorite.

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    • Of course! I stumbled upon it a while back at a small bookstore in Brooklyn. There were two copies sitting on a table, and when I brought one up to the register the cashier didn’t even know where it came from, ha! Wonderful read, by the way. Made me think of the Beat writers.

  1. HI Andres, I’m really interested in learning more about the Russian Wolves article you posted in February. It’s great! Could you point in the right direction of some of the verbal communication sources you mention? I would be most grateful. Amy

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