Charity for a fly

Funny stuff here.
I was wandering about the field when I came about a lonely fly,
Flitting about looking for food.
There were, unfortunately, no corpses on which it might alight,
So taking pity I laid myself upon the nearest patch of posies and set about dying.
I hope the fly had a decent feast, thereafter.

Oh dear sir, you have been so kind
To lay upon the swollen earth
And set yourself to die.

You are truly magnificent
In your humor and your charity,
For not many a beast would allow oneself
The pleasure of self-deceasement.

Your selfless valor and kindness
Has brought me new joy and fervor,
How I might repay you
Is entirely beyond my meager abilities.

Perhaps in laying a few soft eggs
In your decaying corpse,
My new temple amid a rotting world,
I can finally pay homage to you and your kind.

Please take my humble gift,
Accept it as the greatest honor one may bestow,
And set out on your next journey
With a wink and a smile.

Yours truly,
That lonely fly.

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