Flittering Emotions

Flittering emotions,
Never still, always palpitating,
Agitated by the entwines of reality.
It is the fuel of my life,
That which keeps me standing
Torturing me,
Torturing myself,
And I suffer because of it.
But without it,
I would not survive.
How do I live?
Does the emotion balance out?
Or do I withdraw into a world
Which happens to be only a creation of my hellish mind.

So, unto thee, I say:

Give me the woodlands to trod upon,
And I will live in peace;

Give me the rivers and streams to listen to,
And I shall sleep in peace;

Give me the valleys and mountains to look upon,
And I shall wake in peace;

Give me the woodland creatures to accompany me,
And I shall think in peace;

But give me a rifle and a conflict,
And I shall die in peace.


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