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“In a station” “I saw” “a woman crying” “She stood against”
“the wall” “looking dirty” “& exhausted,” “crying quietly”
“I asked her who she was” “& why” “she was crying” “She
said: ‘I” “am a painter” “I have been trying” “to find”

“a form the tyrant” “doesn’t own—” “something” “he doesn’t
know about” “hasn’t invented, hasn’t” “mastered” “hasn’t
made his own” “in his mind” “Not rectangular,” “not a
sculpture” “Not a thing at all—” “he owns all things,”

“doesn’t he?” “He’s invented” “all the shapes” “I’m afraid he’s”
“invented mine,” “my very own” “body’ ” (“she was hysterical”)
“‘Did he invent me?” “I want” “to do something like
paint air” “Perhaps” “I even want to” “invent air” “I’ve

painted” “thin transparent” “pieces” “of plastic” “They—”
“the pictures on them—” “always turn” “rectangular,” “circular”
“I once painted” “on a bat’s wings” “I caught a bat” “painted
colors on” “let it loose &” “watched the air change…”

“He owns form,” “doesn’t he?” “The tyrant” “owns form’ ”

Notley, Alice. The Descent of Alette. New York: Penguin, 1992.

Quite a Quote

As after my mother’s death, I walk around seeing objects from a haunted world: a child’s easter dress, box of four crystal glasses, unopened package of men’s t-shirts. A beach towel. The delightful ones pin me to sorrow. That bird.

How to mourn someone who has not died? Although I know when a parent dies, the relationship still continues.


John says—about the lover’s own ambivalence—if the relationship weren’t conflicted then you should worry. What would I do without him.

Hahn, Kimiko. The Narrow Road to the Interior: Poems. New York: W. W. Norton, 2006.

Quite a Quote

If I hold up my finger
I blot out the horizon
if I hold up my thumb
I’d ignore a man who comes
on a 3 mile trip to here
The dog near me breathes out
his lungs make a pattern of sound
when he shakes
his ears go off like whips
he is outside the door, his mind
clean, the heat
floating his brain in fantasy

Ondaatje, Michael. The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. New York: Vintage Books, 2008.

Quite a Quote

kate moss saint tropez no tan lines. the huffington post reported that individuals engaging in bdsm sex suffer less anxiety and emjoy [sic] greater well-being than others. july emotional heat index. diamonds fur coat champagne. totally gorgeous sunsets. netflix under the drone of box fans. air conditioners reportedly in peak use on weekdays at 6pm. watching television online and wondering if my fashion has become normative and cinematic. when you start by imagining what it might be like, you step back, you think. how it makes someone feel. the experience of the product. this is what matters. this is it.

Fama, Ben. Fantasy. Brooklyn: Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015.

Quite a Quote

Repetition is a way to manage time, to parcel time. I divided my time rigorously into manageable increments which grew smaller and smaller over time: the nocturnal wanderings, the swimming at night in the blue-nocturne, chocolate-covered Pim’s with raspberry filling while watching French television [anesthetized and lonely, a star-occluding white], wine.

This aether seeps into whatever soul, or vacuum, exists within you. I suspect depression is an evolutionary adaptation. When suffering becomes overwhelming, the anesthetized subject is immobilized, and thus prevented from destroying itself.

Reilly, Rebecca. Repetition. New York: Four Way Books, 2015.


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